SaaS Product Website

Company: Truth Technologies


I created this marketing & corporate website as part of our overall rebranding effort, as well as to coincide with our new product platform. It uses the same frontend technology as the core application (Vue.js) but with server-side rendering (SSR) to improve SEO.


Vue.js Vuetify JavaScript HTML/CSS Webpack Google Cloud Platform Sketch

My contribution

UX/Design 100%
UI Code 100%


branding marketing ux



The prior corporate website has seen a little update in 2017, but largely contained the same content as its predecessor. We wanted something simple and one that aligned with our new corporate core values.

The content should also render well on both modern, mobile devices as well older browsers. Our traffic and customer base shows a wide range of visitor types, from very tech-savvy investors to older financial institutions.

So, I opted for a simple layout, healthy contrast, and responsive design. Colors were selected from the Material Design color palette, those that also matched our new application colors.

Tools & Techniques

Prototyping and graphics were done using Sketch.

Coding was with server-side rendered (SSR) Vue.js and Vuetify, and deployed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).